Welcome to eeExtra!

A ninja Python package behind rgee, rgeeExtra and eemont

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Google Earth Engine is a cloud-based service for geospatial processing of vector and raster data. The Earth Engine platform has a JavaScript and a Python API with different methods to process geospatial objects. Google Earth Engine also provides a HUGE PETABYTE-SCALE CATALOG of raster and vector data that users can process online (e.g. Landsat Missions Image Collections, Sentinel Missions Image Collections, MODIS Products Image Collections, World Database of Protected Areas, etc.).

There are a lot of fantastic third-party GEE packages and projects around GitHub. However, most of them are coded in JavaScript or in a Python code style that is not straightforward to translate to R, Julia, or other programming languages. The main goal of ee_extra is to guarantee a smooth import of these projects. We re-wrote the most popular JavaScript and Python EE algorithms minimizing the dependencies to just two Python packages: earthengine-api and NumPy. Third-party GEE tools that can not meet this stipulation will not be added to ee_extra. Additionally, rigorous checking of code style (black) and documentation style (darglint) will be carried out to guarantee a smooth conversion of Python documentation into, for instance, R documentation (rgee::ee_help).


Google Earth Engine Community: Developer Resources

The ee_extra Python package can be found indirectly in the Earth Engine Community: Developer Resources as the powerhouse of eemont, rgee and rgeeExtra.

Powerhouse of…


Install the latest eemont version from PyPI by running:

pip install ee_extra

Upgrade eemont by running:

pip install -U ee_extra

Install the development version from GitHub by running:

pip install git+https://github.com/r-earthengine/ee_extra

Install the latest eemont version from conda-forge by running (SOON):

conda install -c conda-forge ee_extra


The project is licensed under the Apache v.2.0 license.

How to cite

Do you like using ee_extra and think it is useful? Share the love by citing it through eemont and rgee!:

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Aybar et al., (2020). rgee: An R package for interacting with Google Earth Engine. Journal of Open Source Software, 5(51), 2272, https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.02272

If required, here is the BibTex for both papers!:

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Special thanks to Justin Braaten for reviewing the ee_extra proposal!